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The truth about skin care potions and lotions

by Bill Trotter  ·  February 4th, 2017
The truth about skin care potions and lotions

I have been writing my blogs for some time now and I’d like to share my inspirations and insights for doing this.

I have been in the salon industry for 34 years. Thus, I know stuff. Yes, I have the dirt on what works and what doesn’t. I am not beholden to any color line or product company. I am a man who wants to educate the public on scams and solutions to common everyday questions women may have.

I don’t believe that one company has the skinny on what works in a salon and what is just BS. I cherry pick products from many companies because I’ve used just about every product that came down the lane. You see products come and go. You women know that when you have finally picked out that red lipstick or that nail polish color that you love, it’s suddenly discontinued. (uggg !!)

These giant product companies make billions of dollars a year and are heavy hitters in department stores and salons worldwide. You see fashion changes, skirts are shorter, then next year longer. These fashion houses change their color palette every season thus cosmetic companies change their pallets to go with the seasonal looks.

Giant cosmetic companies hire heavy hitter advertising companies to market their wares to the public. These ad men target young women because they believe that a $200 face cream will be the answer to their skin issues. Young women spend a lot of money on new makeup and skin care lines.

It is much harder to market these products to older women because these older gals have spent that money and found the results to be insufficient. They know what works for them and they know their own personal style and color pallet.

I am now going to share some skin care secrets that I have found work just fine and are inexpensive.

Listen close – nothing penetrates the skin’s epidermis. You have a dead layer of skin on top of your dermis called the epidermis. These are mostly dead skin cells that protect the underlying dermis. There only three ingredients that moisturize these cells and penetrate deeper to produce a smoother and more youthful look. They are water, glycerin and lanolin. Everything else just lays on top of your epidermis and does nothing. Don’t ever believe for one second that any skin care product penetrates the skin to produce more collagen or plumps up the dermis, diminishes fine lines, plumps up lips or or any other marketing ploy. They are simply untrue.

Here is a basic low cost skincare regimen to follow.

First, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate….drink lots of water, exercise and follow a healthy diet. Good skin comes from the inside out.

Second, use a low cost sulfate free facial cleanser. It must say ‘sulfate free and PH balanced’ on the label. At least once a week use a facial scrub that is gentle. This will rid your skin of millions of dead skin cells

I almost never endorse a product but I will tell you that Eucerin cream is inexpensive and contains our three basic ingredients for healthy moisture and healing. I have used Eucerin lotion for over twenty years and I know it works. You can find it at any drugstore or supermarket. Its costs around $5. You must pick and choose from its many formulations. I prefer the lighter facial cream.

If you follow these simple rules of skincare you will see a difference on your face and in your wallet.

Disclaimer – My advice is for the everyday woman who does not have acne or any other skin problems or major issues. Women with major skin problems or issues must seek out a good dermatologist and take their advice.

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