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Jacques Dessange of Paris

by Bill Trotter  ·  November 3rd, 2017

Gobal hair styling legend

Hair by Jacques Dessange of Paris

Years ago I heard that Jacques Dessange was doing an advanced hair cutting class. I knew of him but I had no idea he was a global powerhouse. After researching him online I saw his work and was so excited I signed right up to take his class. He was the Vidal Sassoon of France. His work was so recognizable. He taught me more in two days than almost anyone else. He mantra was you must always keep the hairstyle soft and feminine. He loved women. Look at your client, decide what will make her look her best. He used a lot of razor cutting to create these fabulous styles. Most importantly he taught how to finish a cut with a beautiful blowout to execute a fabulous look.

Now we all know the French always think their techniques are superior to anything else. Whether cooking, fashion design or hair styling. After visiting France, I reluctantly have to agree. They do have their own style.

After this class I knew how to finish a cut with excellence. This helped me with the everyday client. It also prepared me to do editorial photo styling. I strongly encourage every young stylist to explore hair history. Try new techniques. In order to know where hair trends are going you need to know who came before you. In this blog I give this man, Jacques Dessaage his homage.

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