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Home Hair Color, Chapter 2

by Bill Trotter  ·  February 4th, 2017
Home Hair Color, Chapter 2

Home hair color advice from Destin Hairstylist Bill Trotter

Every day as a hair colorist I see disastrous results from women who have used home hair color. Mostly, it’s very brassy or way too dark. The tell tale home blonde is the easiest to spot. This woman usually has black roots,a yellow midshaft and burnt white ends. You can even see the damage from several feet away. When they are left with no options but to call a professional colorist, they are stunned by the prices they hear for corrective color.

Corrective color is an art form all in it’s own and takes an extremely long time in the salon to try to get it to your desired shade. Sometimes the hair is so degraded we just can’t save it.

So if so many women are ruining their hair why do large color companies keep selling their toxic mixture to innocent women, hoping to have salon quality results?

As I have elaborated before, these large corporate firms are worth billions. They hire advertising companies who use terms like, ‘shampoos in’, ‘for salon quality results’, ‘gentle, conditioning’, and my personal favorite, ‘all natural’. They hire A-list actresses to promote their products. You have all seen their commercials. At no time does Sarah Jessica Parker or Blake Lively say they use these products. The wording is tricky. They say, ‘for color like this’, ‘for shine like this’, or another favorite, ‘My hair felt better after I used this color’.

To these advertisers I say ‘BULL’! No one’s hair ever felt better after a home hair color job which contains some very nasty ingredients. These ingredients include Ammonia, peroxide, and coal tar derivatives. I understand that not every woman can afford to have her hair professionally colored at a salon but buyer beware. Picking up that box of hair dye at the supermarket can and will ruin your hair. Many women are tricked by the term ‘Shampoos in’. They think, well, if it shampoos in, it shampoos out. WRONG. It’s there until it’s cut out. These companies even say their color contains luxurious natural oils and conditioners.

If you have a mixture of:

Ammonia / Ammonium Hydroxide – From our inception we created a formula that does not need ammonia.

Resorcinol – A common ingredient in many hair colors, resorcinol is used as a dye.

PPD (para-phenylenediamine)

Ethanol Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)


Now add in some essential oils and a small amount of conditioners – is it still all natural? The answer is no. This is just another advertising ploy to entice you to buy their product.

Before you take you color into your own hands, do have a free consultation with a colorist. Be honest and tell them your budget and see what they can do for you. You just might be surprised.

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