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Hair salon websites

by Bill Trotter  ·  July 14th, 2017
Hair Salon Websites

Everyday I peruse other hair salon websites and I ask myself, why are you showing me your waiting room? This is a huge mistake and a missed opportunity for perspective clients. Personally I hate waiting rooms, because I hate to wait, i’m from New York.

After all you are not show casing your decorating skills.

Now I realize you may be very proud of your salon but for God sake could you be a little more creative and show me some work? This is a creative industry, lets see some hair.

Not ever did someone say, Hey! those chairs look so comfortable lets go there. Clients spent about two seconds deciding weather to call you or not based on your websites opening page. If not engaged they will not go to any other of your pages. They do not want to see your waiting room. click! on to the next site….

What you do want to show is an amazing opening page. Wow me with color and some Hair photos that represent what you are and what products you stand behind. Show only your own work if it is professionally done. Cell photo pics with those cheap apps that show a mirror image or photographed from behind are a no no and make you seem like a Mom and Pop salon. The first rule in advertising is the face sells the product. No back of the head shots please. That can also drive away perspective new clients. Do show me your fall collections, do include a large address and phone number. Do include an employee bio page so we can see your staff and their work. Do tell me about your products you stand behind and why. Make your front page a must see for the rest of your site. First impressions are everything.

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