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We want to make sure the results you receive are always excellent and time allows for Bill to give you the service you desire.

If you have hair longer than mid-back length and want color services, it may take longer than the typical appointment allows. You may want to coordinate this appointment with Bill ahead of time. You may need extra time and there may be additional cost as well. If so, extra time will run $85/hour.

Do you have damaged hair? If so, adding additional chemicals to your hair may damage it further.

Note that if you have extra long hair or damaged hair, Bill has the right to determine if a service is not suitable for your hair and/or the appointment time booked is not long enough. If after an evaluation he decides the requested service is unsuitable, he will suggest treatments that can help your damaged hair and suggest an alternate service for your appointment. If the customer and Bill cannot come to an agreement about what service to provide during an appointment, Bill has the right to cancel the appointment.

Hair By Bill Trotter