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Why have salon coloring services escalated in price?

by Bill Trotter  ·  April 25th, 2017
Why have salon coloring services escalated in price?

I hear this everyday.

I am not in a high end snooty salon. There are definitely Salon tourist traps here in Florida that bank on high prices and the fact that they won’t ever see you again. You’re a tourist, right?. I work in a top shelf salon that prides itself on the quality of the services, the best chemicals money can but followed by the best retail money can buy.

So, back to color pricing.

First, ladies with longer hair pay more. Why? We predetermine how much color is needed, and the time a colorist needs to spend with you. Color is a science. It is a skill that is the hardest to master in our industry. We order our color lines from Milan. Professional hair color is quite expensive but worth every penny. When you see a price board that says single process color starting at $60.00.

This is not a one size fits all service. That would apply to a root retouch or for very short hair. The longer your hair is, the more old dark color removed, the more the service will cost. This formula is, Product cost and a colorists time equals the price you will pay.

Let’s break it down.

Any colorist worth their weight in gold will give you a free consultation. Bring photos of your desired look and be honest about previous color services. A colorist will steer you in the right direction and give you a quote for the service. If you find the price shocking, don’t be afraid to discuss your budget for this project. You and your colorist may be able to work out something for your budget. They are color services that only require you to see your colorist about four times a year for maintenance.

There are several color services that are long lasting, and easy on your wallet.

Babylights, it’s a simple face framing technique.

Balayage, is a technique that works from a dark root area to very pale ends. Both of these services you can wear for months without returning to the salon.

If your only willing to see a colorist several times a year, these are the services for you.

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